The Italian Bourbon’s Versailles

Highlights: Royal Palace of Caserta, the silk of San Leucio, medieval town of Caserta vecchia  





A tour leader welcomes you at 8.00 and you leave from Naples by bus or with private driver towards Caserta.


Driving along the main street of Caserta, a magnificent building appears in front of you: the Royal Palace. In mid ‘700 the city lived with the Bourbons a period of splendour and Charles III requested a new and modern capital in a safer place then Naples. He wanted a palace able to compete with other European royal residences, above all with the one in Versailles. The architect Vanvitelli pleased him with a palace of 1200 rooms, today’s Europeans biggest complex, surrounded by a wide park. Inside a long staircase leads you to the royal apartments, the Palatine Chapel and the theatre with a Baroque décor. Their magnificence has also been used as a set location in the movies such as Star Wars and Mission Impossible.


Outdoors the wide park extends on 120 hectares. Going across it you admire fountains with mythological sculptures until you arrive at the Grand Cascade where you can stop for a deserved rest. Nearby also the beautiful English Garden is worth a visit. Today the Royal Palace of Caserta is a Unesco World Heritage site.


At lunch time you are taken to Casertavecchia, a medieval village with 300 inhabitants atop a hill. You have your lunch in a welcoming restaurant which proposes local products. Next you can enjoy a walk in the small and pretty town centre with the Archbishop’s palace and a Cathedral. The latter features an interesting structure of different styles (Sicilian - Arabic, Benedictine, Romanesque).


The excursion continues to San Leucio, a renowned town for the production of a precious silk. The Bourbon Charles III bought it as a hunting residence called “Belvedere” (literally “beautiful view”) as you have a panorama of Caserta that extends to the Vesuvius and the sea. Later Ferdinand IV turned the residence with a clever reform into a manufacturing industry. Ferdinand’s aim was to create an activity which could be useful for the future of his Reign and for the young people who had no education. Some elegant rooms were not modified but parts of the building changed into production areas. San Leucio became a Colony with its own laws and rules and was the first case in Europe of an industry within a Royal residence. The production of silk started in 1778 and it included the whole process from the cultivation of silkworms and the manufacturing to the distribution. Today San Leucio’s precious silk products are present in the Vatican, in Buckingham Palace and in the White House too. In your visit you will have the opportunity to visit some royal rooms, old, but still functioning machines, manufactured products and the Italian garden outdoors.


You are at the end of the excursion and return to Naples.

You will keep with you the memory of an intense,” royal” day back in mid 18th Century. 






1 whole day from and back to Naples



1 lunch


Tour Leader:

English speaking leader (also other languages available)


Local Guides:

Whisper audio equipment


Means of transportation:

Comfortable luxury bus, mini bus or private driver



Any day of the year except on Tuesdays, 25th December, 1st January





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