The history of Sannio

This excursion leads you to the backcountry of the province of Benevento which in ancient times, more than two thousand years ago, belonged to the Sannio region. Today it is a territory with many mysterious aspects, as there are still many historical
Ancient Samnium events to define. Before the Roman conquest, the “Sannio” was a wide region that started in Abruzzo, included the inland of Molise, Lazio, Campania and arrived to a part of Basilicata. Its people, the Sanniti, were proud and stubborn, primarily devoted to the agriculture but always ready to defend their freedom. Rome fought three difficult wars, one even humiliating, to defeat them.

After the Romans, the Sannio was dominated by other people (Longobards, Goths, Normans etc) and even if legends and traditions have changed in time, this is still an ideal place to discover ancient values in an uncontaminated nature. As a matter of fact, many sites offer beautiful landscapes: on one side the mountains, on the other side, from the hills to the valleys, a long stretch of vineyards and olive groves which alter their light and colour according to the change of the seasons. Today there is no administrative identity of what is named Sannio but in many inhabitants of this territory you can still find the same proud temperament.
Experience this one day excursion and you will enjoy an uncommon but very special day.