Excursions and city breaks in Naples

“See Naples and then die” says an Italian quote and in fact the beauties of Naples and its surroundings are unquestionable. Everybody has heard of Naples, many have visited the coasts, some have climbed up the Vesuvius, others have wandered in the lanes but … almost no one knows the silent inland part of the Campania Region with agriculture and handicrafts, with wide lands of vineyards instead of the sea and with simple folk, proud to belong to a culture close to the land. It is a territory that embraces parts of the backcountry in Caserta, Benevento and Avellino and which in ancient times belonged to the Sannio region. They are far from mass tourism but waiting to be discovered. A visit in their realities is like turning back time. You can still meet farmers who work their land, remain stuck in the middle of a sheep flock and have a chat with elder and younger people met by chance in a coffee bar.


It is amazing to see Naples and all its beauties but it is equally surprising to discover the pleasure of everyday life in an unexplored region. While interacting with these people, their culture, history, food and traditions, you will immediately feel at ease and welcome, not as a stranger but as a dear guest.


Whether you have already been to Naples or not, we offer you a new way to do the City Break in Italy’s most sunny town. Our itineraries start in the city and continue to the backcountry of the Campania Region and also farther. They embrace art and culture, food and wine, sea, mountain and countryside. Choose and create your most suitable itineraries and you will enjoy a special tailor made trip.

Take advantage of low cost flights from all over Europe to Naples for a fantastic and unforgettable City Break!


‘See Naples and then ... “ then continue towards unexplored and hidden treasures!

Highlights: Naples - Sorrento and Pompeii (or) – Telesina Valley (or) 



Highlights: Sant’Agata de’ Goti  Land of Aglianico – Caserta Royal Palace



Highlights: Sant'Agata de' Goti, Land of Aglianico, Cerreto Sannita



Highlights: Royal Palace of Caserta, the silk of San Leucio, medieval town of Caserta vecchia